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The Sunrise Story:

Light years ahead with Sunrise Windows and Doors

A room with a view is as good as the windows that hold it together. You recall enjoying the soft summer light of morning filtering through the treetops onto the rich, green grass in your backyard. Then came the first snows, falling through the rich orange of autumn's leaves. As you create each of your beautiful memories, you're looking out through bay windows expertly manufactured and installed by Sunrise Windows & Door Depot Ltd.

To say this home-grown, Edmonton Company is "seasoned" — expert at what it does — is to understand that its years of experience and knowledge come from working with the dynamic extremes that define northern Alberta's demanding climate. With such intimate knowledge of the season's, you're getting more that is built into what you see when you look through a window manufactured and installed by Sunrise Windows.

Sunrise Windows was established in 1996. Its base is firmly rooted here in Edmonton in the renovation, windows and doors market. This means its products are designed and manufactured for folks you may pass on the streets each day as you negotiate snow drifts and -30 degrees Celsius weather. These are the same folks who experience the same challenges of the weather in northern Alberta as you do on a daily basis. For Sunrise Windows, it means the windows and doors that leave its plant, to be installed in your home, have been designed to endure and perform exceedingly well in our tough Alberta weather.

The products that come to your front door from Sunrise Windows incorporate the distillation of daily, weather-beaten experience through living in northern Alberta. Your input as a customer is also incorporated in our products for its aesthetic and design. And then there are rigorous manufacturing methods that Sunrise Windows apply in using the most advanced materials available. Put these together for a great, enduring product and it is understandable why Sunrise Windows is light years ahead

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